Free Energy

Free Energy which is a misnomer that has caused many obstacles in the search clean and renewable energy alternatives, is really just a renewable energy system that many think we do not have a basic enough understanding to understand. We know now that a Free Energy device are not only possible but exist. The only working devices that you find will be open systems. This does not go against the Laws of Thermodynamics, because those laws only apply to a closed system.

The Energy CrisisThe crisis is not how much electric power we have, but where it comes from. Coal plants and Nuclear? That’s no good. Those methods are polluting all the corners of the globe. Is this the future we will leave the next generation?6927024There are solutions to this though. Solar seems to be the most accessible form of clean renewable energy to date. It is fairly cheap, produces no pollution and is one way to create a decentralized energy grid.What is a decentralized energy grid? Ah ha, now that’s the million dollar question. What we have now is a centralized grid which is not very stable. Storms can knock down transmission lines leaving many in the dark. What then is the alternative you may ask. If you had solar panels on your roof, wind turbines or geothermal in your back yard, you would be getting your power from on site. That is the alternative.

When more people create power for them selves at home, it will strengthen the grid already in place. For example if you create excess power (more than you need) the extra could flow back into the grid powering your community when enough people do the same. In times of power outages this could mean your community could continue as if nothing even happened. Many are indeed doing just that, and energy independence is their reward. Are you ready for energy independence? I sure am.

Solar As One of Many Solutions
Photovoltaic Cells, the main component of solar panels furnish electricity from direct and sometimes indirect sun light.Many countries around the world are beginning to implement solar panels on residential buildings and municipalities. The benefits for the home owner are quite apparent. Lower Power bills and power during power outages are two main ones.A basic home solar installation is quite simple. They include:

  • Solar Panels
  • Batteries to store excess energy
  • Charge controllers to avoid over charging the batteries
  • Wire

A cautionary note..

Electricity can be dangerous if not respected, never work on live wires, do your homework and always know when to call for help.

Setting up your own solar power system can be quite rewarding, both in monetary ways and in satisfaction and piece of mind in a natural disaster. Granted you may have to spend a pretty penny to get started but the money you will save on your power bill should be more than enough to offset the cost within a few years if not within 6 months to a year.

However there is an emerging alternative which does not violate any laws.

Tom Bearden once wrote…

“We must quickly achieve and implement practical new “energy from the vacuum” electric power systems that act as “EM windmills” freely receiving and using EM energy from the ceaseless and inexhaustible “EM energy winds” of the modern interacting vacuum.” [1]

I have heard of many ideas that are similar to EM windmills in the way that they funnel energy from the active vacuum unfortunately whenever you talk about vacuum energy it instantly sets of the conditioning of the masses to say well that violates the law of conservation of energy. This is not the case. ——— “Energy is not the capacity to do work. We add that, instead, the change of form of energy is the rigorous definition of “work”. And, after the work (change of form of the energy) is done, one still has the energy remaining in the changed form, since energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Indeed, the energy in its new form can even be used to do additional free work, if it still remains in the system and under its control! There is no conservation of work law; only a conservation of energy law.” [2]


From what I understand which is not everything, all EM energy is actually furnished from the seething vacuum via the concept of broken symmetry of the source dipole discovered by Lee and Yang which won them the Nobel prize. ——— Nobelist Lee succinctly pointed out, e.g., that when we have a broken symmetry, something formerly virtual becomes observable [3].


[1] – T. E. Bearden, “A Manhattan Project Is Required to Rapidly Develop and Implement World-Wide Free EM Energy from the Active Vacuum” –

[2] – R. L. Lehrman, “Energy is not the ability to do work,” Physics Teacher, Vol. 15, 1973, p. 15.

[3] – T. D. Lee, Particle Physics and Introduction to Field Theory, Harwood Academy Publishers, Chur, New York, and London, 1981, p. 181.

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