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What is Aquaponics?”


6545003What is Aquaponics?” It is a closed loop system, where we feed fish, which in turn produce waste products, allowing us to fertilize and grow plants and vegetables. But this is only the surface of a bigger and highly valuable system.  Urban Farm’s aquaponic systems will be raising Tilapia fish as a food source while helping to grow beds of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, hot chilli peppers, leafy greens, edible flowers, delicious micro-greens & fragrant herbs all totally organic & fresh.

  1. The source and beginning of everything is organic fish nutrients, which start our system. Fish eat and grow, producing waste during the process, which is comprised of ammonia and manure.
  2. This waste, now present in the water is pumped through a natural bio-filter, which allows us to transform the ammonia waste into usable nitrates that enrich the water with fertilizer.
  3. We then feed this water to our plants and vegetables, this is highly nutrient-rich water fertilizes the plants & the water is itself filtered of it’s nutrients ready for the next step.
  4. This purified water is now recirculated back into our fish tanks, ready to begin a new cycle.

– these are the basic steps involved in making an aquaponics system work:

What is aquaponics and why should we bother with it?

  • Very little water is needed, one tenth that used in soil based growing
  • Plants grow a lot faster and healthier than with other methods & you will not taste a fresher fish.
  • You don’t need any additional fertilizer, thus enabling Organic growing confidence.
  • You can build an aquaponic system in your own back garden,  garage,  greenhouse, school or community center

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