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Heros Series: On Aquaponics………….

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(this rainy air in the desert mixed with the scent of grilled apples smells so wonderful)

OK enough posting about the mere theory of living a sustainable and authentic life… creating your own reality… and doing what it takes to finally take responsibility for finally following your dreams.

It’s great to talk the talk, but nothing is going to change for us until we DECIDE to WALK the WALK… especially when it comes to taking responsibility for your life and survival.

One angle of sustainability that I am UTTERLY FASCINATED by is the idea that we really CAN produce our own food. During the Great Depression, my grandmother’s family – with 11 kids – had a farm and helped feed and take care of their neighbors who were struggling. They were using traditional agricultural practices, of course. The idea that this was possible then, yet so uncommon today, makes me wonder how people think they will survive in the future.

I want to share with you information about a wonderful, amazing, “new” technology that is steadily gaining traction as a mainstream means of producing delicious, nutritious, chemical- and pesticide-free food.


Aquaponics is a means of producing such food that combines technology in aquaculture (growing fish) with the absolutely badass technology called hydroponics (soiless gardening). A few months ago, I’d only had a pretty thorough understanding of the latter. I’d grown lettuce and tomatoes hydroponically before. Through facebook I came across this “aquaponics,” and was curious as to what it is.

A dear friend of mine sent me to this YouTube video, which really explains the unlimited possibilities this technology has to offer:

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Heroes Series: MORE On Aquaponics………….

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“This is what Freedom looks like.”

I have the infinite pleasure of being in the company of many like-minded friends through a few wonderful groups existing, gathering, and sharing ideas via the Internet. What I love about the OccTesla and Sustainable Communities groups… No, Families… is that WE KNOW we are the SOLUTION. We are ACTING on this knowledge, spreading the word, and IMPLEMENTING THEORY with AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGY.

Please allow me to introduce to you, Dear Reader, one such individual who has taken responsibility and is using his KNOWLEDGE and TALENT to innovate and create a home “gardening” system for producing nutritious, pesticide- and chemical-free food for his entire family… using only 5 – 10% of the water needed for a traditional agricultural system.

This is John’s greenhouse. (actual names of my subjects are changed for privacy purposes)

This 12’ x 12’ greenhouse was built from scratch on a residential property in the Eastern United States. The plants were established in early Spring of this year. John is using small, coldwater goldfish (yeah! GOLDFISH!!!!!) and is growing many varieties of fruits and veggies, just to experiment. Not bad for a first attempt!! When posting this photo to our group page, John stated that: “This is one of my proudest achievements. It’s produced raspberries, blackberries, lettuce, corn, carrots, spices/herbs, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, scallions, and some more things are coming.”

Just imagine all that variety to cook with every day!! When I read that he grew berry bushes in this system, I was floored (I really wondered if it was possible!). He said they are “the best he’s ever tasted.” For those of you who don’t already know… Homegrown, organic berries… there’s NOTHING like them!! Homegrown fruits grown in your own yard ACTUALLY taste like the candy you buy that is chemically created to taste like real fruit.

Dear Reader, anyone can do this. What you are looking at is the future of food. It is future of Freedom. Imagine community-sized greenhouses producing abundance for everyone! This is possible, this is what we need to be working on NOW.

Please recall from the TEDx Charlie Price video presented in the photo album entitled “On Aquaponics” that growing edible plants and fish are only part of a complete, self-sustaining food production system. Watch that video again….

Luckily, John is a valued member/consultant on our sustainable projects. He says, “This is what freedom looks like, and I’m proud to have built it, and am looking forward to more.”

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