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There are many reasons that #OccupyTesla exists today; humans have an insatiable hunger for knowledge! Some say that what sets humans apart from other animals is the opposable thumb, as many animals have opposable thumbs this is very easy to rule out. What separates humans from other animals is how the human brain responds to learning. Within the brain dopamine is a chemical that neurons use to communicate, every time a human learns something new the brain releases a lot of dopamine. Yes, humans are actually addicted to learning! I’m willing to bet that you, dear reader, are feeling that tingling sensation NOW.There is a great Cultural Renaissance taking place, this very second, all across the globe. People are engaging in actions and conversations concerning a myriad of diverse subjects in an effort to influence the social, political and economic sectors that keep humanity together. #OccupyTesla has a few main goals; to educate, to empower and to implement solutions to adversity by introducing greener, sustainable and more cooperative methods and technologies for resource production.

This revolution can not succeed without education, this is the most important goal of them all. Education truly is the key to this movement, without it we will be left with the same adversities we are currently facing. A concern of ours is that people are normally ready to receive this knowledge but are not prepared to use it or extend it onward to the next person. Let’s build a society of critically thinking individuals by being the first to step up to learning and teaching one another. If not us, then who?

We can not succeed without an educated populous creating solutions to our problems. So in order to effectively #OccupyTesla all one has to do is create solutions! Creating solutions is not such a difficult task as human beings are always thinking and create manners to make daily life more simple whether at home or on the job. To create a better present all that is needed to begin is to find out what people need and why it is so necessary.


#OccupyTesla is a movement which researches, spreads and educates people about technology and new methodologies of resource production that are green and sustainable. The main visions and goals pertain to using technological advancements as a means of restoring balance to Earth by changing the way people do things.

At this point many may wonder; who is Nikola Tesla? Nikola Tesla was an inventor who developed AC electricity, Wireless electricity, X-Ray technology, Electric Motors, Flourescent Lighting and hundreds of other inventions in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We dedicate our work to Tesla and his dream of a world where people could live free and plentiful!

What we aim to do is simplify the political process by assisting society with the introduction technology into different sectors. So while there are many groups across the world working on fighting for better political, social and economic systems #OccupyTesla will make a great attempt to ease the metanorm. Educating as well as facilitating technology to accompany the types of changes we all wish to see in the world brings us great joy and hope for the survival of life on Earth.

Within human society there are highly consequential environmental factors produced that affect the quality of air, water, soil and health, making Earth dangerous for living beings. Though some of these environmental problems can be solved politically by placing taxes, fines, regulations and bans on pollution, it is of greater benefit to reform the maners which resources are acquired.

To assist those wishing to solve environmental issues we will offer solutions of cleaner and sustainable technology and/or methodology to individuals and groups rather than asking someone to create the solution. Concerning Agricultural pollution, rather than pollute the air, soil and water with pesticides and fertilizers we may offer Agriculture that is grown hydroponically, aquaponically, vertically and organically.

This may apply to all sorts of different social, economic and political issues that humanity currently is experiencing. Some if not all of our problems may be solved with better technology and methodology across all sectors.

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