About TFSS

7824367We are a group of people who work to bring awareness to the problems and solutions to “dirty” practices in the world of resources and work towards promoting sustainable and clean Air, Water, Food and Energy. We focus on teaching you how you can do it your self by compiling educational resources. We cover the advances in the field through our blog. We are also building networks of people dedicated towards the proliferation and assimilation of the “green” mindset in popular culture.

We started up as a Facebook page about a year ago, today is April 24, 2013. We know that there are many things wrong with the world, politics in their current state is one thing. We however wish to move away from talking about the problems all the time to creating and researching solutions.

We see TeslasFSS as becoming a sustainability education and news network, powered by the people for the people. We will be creating “Do it Yourself” (DIY) guides in the future to help people learn how they can work towards sustainable society, now and from home. In the future we will also be creating forums for the free flow of ideas, suggestion collection and just to get to know each other more deeply.

        The world as we know it is full of pollution. Through education and awareness, Teslas for Sustainable Society strive to help build a society centered around sustainable technologies. We hope to achieve these goals by creating the future we wish we had now. We must fix space ship earth she is dying and unless we humans change our technology on a fundamental level, we are going to run out of resources.We must fight for the generations that don’t yet have a voice so that when they find their voices, there will be a planet left to live on. This is our home and unless we do something to change our ways we will lose it and everything we hold dear

Here is our Facebook page.
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