Creating The Copper Wire Transformer

The copper wire transformer Made out of copper wire (8 gauge) or a 3/16 copper tube.

You need insulated wire or tubing or you can insulate it after it is built. Imagine starting on the ground, and imagine bringing the tube around in a circle 11.56 inches in diameter , and then spiraling it upward, getting smaller and smaller in circumference, in describing a cone, you’re spiraling up to the tip of the cone. Start spiraling your tube around and around, smaller, smaller, till you have a cone made out of a spiral tube 19.56 inches tall. At the top, at the very tip of the cone, take that tube and move it out to the same diameter as the base of the cone, and start spiraling your way down, through the other cone. So when you spiral it up, leave some gaps in between the tube, so that when you spiral down, you can go through those gaps, and actually have the two cones interpenetrating, until you get all the way down, now you’re inside the base of the first cone, creating a downward facing cone, and you get down to the tip at the bottom, and then bring that out and connect it(solder it) to the base of the other must be able to fit precisely underneath an imaginary three-sided pyramid (Tetrahedron) that is three feet (36 inches) tall.

Now you have two interpenetrating cones, one facing up, one pointing down. When you create this kind of resonance device, you do it so the cones are actually angled at the apex at 33 degrees, you will be able to have a 7.5hz antenna. Depending on the quality of your materials, the number of windings, the size of the cone, what have you, other conditions. You can actually charge this cone with a little bit of an electrical charge to start it resonating at a certain frequency, that will amplify that energy by drawing down from space energy, and thus then giving out more energy than you’re putting in.

Long story short, the earth functions as a giant electrical circuit and there’s electrical energy in the air. The idea with the antenna, at least in my understanding at this point, is that we can tap into this electromagnetic energy and convert it into electricity. The current agreed circumference of the earth is 24,901.55 miles. Dividing this into 186,282.4 miles/second (speed of light in a vacuum) gives 7.481 cycles per second.” -Michael Dill

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